About Us

Red Jen is a digital magazine with a focus on bringing valuable insight on the products our readers seek. There is always something new to hit the market with the promise of simplifying your life, but not all are actually worth investing in.

We understand busy lifestyles; who has time to skim through thousands of reviews to find out if a product is really worth the money? Our team is dedicated to carefully researching and picking out popular products consumers are looking for to separate the goods from the duds. We put the information we collect along with our own product experiences into this online publication to bring consumers something of reference they can trust.

Product reviewOur selective buying guides are focused on products for home, garden, health, fitness and parents to bring you practical suggestions that fit your lifestyle and your budget.

We have included reviews on products we find and put to the test so our readers can make informed decisions about a product before purchasing it.

We take the time to fish out details and what others are saying to find out if it’s really worth the hype it’s given when a new product hits the market. Our How-To guides are composed of practical information on new products and popular topics to make life simpler for our readers.

We are a team of real people just like you. We are parents, homeowners, and fitness enthusiasts dedicated to scoping out the latest and greatest products to hit the market. We also have the things we’ve come to love which have proven to stand the test of time.


Meet Our Team

CeeJay Lynne, Senior Editor

Meet CeeJay, a mother and fitness junkie with a background in healthcare. As a busy parent of 3, she consistently looks for products and techniques that provide convenience and simplicity to fit her lifestyle. She knows how important it is to stay on budget and actively seeks out the best deals to bring value.

Her passion lies in health care and helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle to lead longer and more vigorous lives. She likes to stay on top of the latest health trends and strives to provide helpful resources on products in nutrition and fitness.