Every now and then I end up spending just one day at the beach instead of a long weekend or a week away. When I do this, I want to bring as little with me as humanely possible. Forget toting around a large cooler and tons of food. Instead, I’d rather simply just pack a lunch for a friend and myself and be on my merry way. This is where the DII insulated picnic tote comes into the picture. This adorable tote is absolutely perfect for day trips to the beach, campground, sports events, or concerts. It won’t let you down and is just perfect for traveling.

The Product:

The DII insulated picnic tote is the fashionable solution for traveling with food and keeping it either hot or cold. This picnic tote has a large fully insulated carrier. It is fully lined with aluminum and has a zippered closure. The DII insulated picnic tote also has sturdy and large handles for carrying the tote to and from. It will keep hot food hot for up to two hours and it will keep cold food cold for up to six hours. The inside of the tote is extremely easy to clean. All you need to do is remove any items from the tote, wet a clean sponge, dab some soap on the sponge, and clean away. You then will want to allow the DII to air dry.

The DII insulated picnic tote is also collapsible. This is great for easy storage and transportation. They also come in a variety of different colors and designs so show off your own individual and personal flair. 

The Pros:

I have gone through a ton of different coolers and insulated totes in my lifetime.  I find that each one has its own benefits. However, the DII insulated tote seems to be nothing but awesome benefits. The DII insulated tote has not only kept my beach lunches and beverages cool for extended periods of time but it also has kept casseroles and hot dishes warm for long periods of time. 

One thing I love about the tote is that it’s adorable and stylish. I have the blue lattice design but it does come in other patterns such as red lattice, checkered, and leaves. There’s a style for everyone. Another pro of the DII insulated tote is that the aluminum interior is extremely easy to clean. Simply clean with a wet sponge and you’re done. The tote does not keep an odor like many other coolers and insulated totes do. Once it’s cleaned, it smells fresh and brand new.

Secondly, I find the DII insulated tote to be very easy to transport and store away. Because it’s lightweight and has strong sturdy carrying handles, it’s not a problem at all to bring this tote anywhere. Because it is collapsible, it’s simple to store this tote away in a pantry or closet until I need it again.

I also have never had an issue putting ice cubes or ice packs in the tote. This is a great way to extend the cold temperature of a colder dish. It also is very economical and environmentally friendly. It can be used over and over again and you can finally say goodbye to carrying your pre-made dishes in plastic shopping bags which only cause a hazard to the environment.

Lastly, the size of the tote is perfect. It can fit a standard size casserole dish just perfectly. I’ve used it for casseroles before, however, I mostly use it for two adult sized lunches that I bring with me to a sporting event or to the beach during a day trip.

The Cons:

The first negative thing I have to say about the DII insulated picnic tote is that it does not bend at the bottom. This could be a problem if you’re trying to over-stuff the tote, which I do not recommend in the first place. I just thought it would have a bit more of an elastic feel at the bottom of the tote for larger items.

Secondly, the handles of the tote are placed oddly. They do not come together like two handles would. Instead, they stay completely awkward. This makes carrying the picnic tote a bit awkward.

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Wrap Up:

I would definitely recommend this picnic tote to anyone and everyone. I think it’s awesome for bringing a dish to dinner parties, for keeping food cool after a grocery shopping trip, and for traveling and bringing lunches to the beach or sporting event. I would however be weary of packing too much into the tote, as it seems it could break quite easily.